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10,324 Visionaries and counting . . .

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Visionaries I through K
Helen R. Iberall
Shelly and Barry Igdaloff
Harold B. Igfaloff
Arlyne and Lewis Imerman
Francine G. and Robert A. Immerman
Marianne Imperial
Dalit Inbar
Mira and Alex Indich
Patricia M. and David S. Inglis
Lorna and Jack Ingram
Marilyn Inslicht
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58
Judlau Contracting, Inc.
Amy and Michael Ipp
Elly and Jay M. Ipson
Yael Irom
Libby Irvin
Marcia F. and Allen H. Isaac
Marjorie B. and Arthur Isaac
Angela C. and Kenneth S. Isaacman
Joan L. and Ronald L. Isaacman
Rayma W. Isaacs
Betty and Norman Isaacson
Julie L. Isaacson
Susan S. and Richard D. Isaacson
Yisrael Isaacson
Amir Isaiah
Lara and Gary Isakov
Lara Danziger Isakov and Ronnen Isakov
Beverly S. and Freddie Isenberg
Nancy Isenberg
Shirlee Isenberg
Nancy Gelman Isenstein and Mark Isenstein
Sandra J. and Marvin Isenstein
Anne V. and Moise Israel
Leah and Harold Israel
Margo and Leonard Israel
Janice and Leonard Israelson
Francine and Solomon Itzkowitz
Meira and Gary Itzkowitz
Sandie H. and Lawrence Ivers
Carolyn and Howard Iwrey
Lillian and Leo Izenberg
Dorothy and Aron Jablonka
Atarah and Martin Jablonsky
Michele and Samuel Jacks
Paul I. Jacks
Bernice and Arthur Jackson
Theodore R Jackson
Linda and Arnold M. Jacob
Darrell Jacob
Dana and David Jacob
Gary Jacob
Irene and Rabbi Walter Jacob
Toni Jacob
Steve Jacober
Beth A. and Steven L. Jacober
Malkah M. Jacobovits
Barbara S. and Alan L. Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
Elaine and Sidney Jacobs
Francine Jacobs
Gloria Jacobs
Jane T. and Harold S. Jacobs
Joan and Myron V. Jacobs
Judy Jacobs
Donna B. and Judge Julian Jacobs
Lana M. and Sheldon Jacobs
Laurel and Alan J. Jacobs
Lilyan and Irving Jacobs
Marcia F. and Robert Jacobs
Irene and Dr. Martin I. Jacobs
Neal Jacobs
Pamela R. and Allan Jacobs
Rhoda and Howard Jacobs
Rochelle and Albert Jacobs
Sandra E. and Robert A. Jacobs
Selma Jacobs
Susan Jacobs
Sylvia and Steven M. Jacobs
Dr. Cynthia H. Jacobsen
Clara E. and Werner M. Jacobsohn
Anne and Norman Jacobson
Arlene Jacobson
Carol Jacobson
Constance and Marc Jacobson
Fani Jacobson
Fern and Irwin Jacobson
Gail and Milton Jacobson
Harriet Jacobson
Dorothy and Hirsh Jacobson
Irma and Gerald Jacobson
Janet and Arthur Jacobson
Judith and Daniel Jacobson
Laurence E. Jacobson
Leona Jacobson
Leslie and Stephen Jacobson
Lynne S. and Blair Jacobson
Marcia and Harvey Jacobson
Marcia B. and Bernard S. Jacobson
Michael I. Jacobson and Barbara Frank
Lana and Michael H. Jacobson
Kathy and Mitchell Jacobson
Phyllis K. and Sol Jacobson
Marcia and Richard J. Jacobson
Sandra and Ronald E. Jacobson
Susan and Gary Jacobson
Barbara Jacobstein
Rifkie and William Jacobwitz
Ann and Kurt Jacoby
Idit Jacques
Leola and Bernard Jaffe
Jean and Gerald Jaffe
Karen and Jon Jaffe
Judith M. and Burton H. Jaffe
Karen Jaffe
Nancy L. and Sheldon M. Jaffe
Phyllis Jaffe
Wendy B. and Michael A. Jaffe
Dolly and David H. Jaffee
Dwight Jaffee and Lynne Lamarca
Gertrude Jaffee
Rose and Alex Jakoby
Muriel James
Marcia B. and Marvin Jamron
Jo Anne Janesky
Jean and Sidney Janowsky
Lisa M. and Gerry Japha
Cynthia Jared
Roe Jasen
Sydelle Jass
Ron Javer
John Jay
Marla Jay
Ayala H. Jedwab
Eleanor and John F. Jennings
Fern Jennings
Marilyn Jeris
Florence and Seymour Jerome
Bobbo Jetmundsen
The Jewish Music Heritage Society
Sarah and Ronald Joelson
Marcelle and Leonard Joffe
Mollie R. and Benjamin S. Joffe
Tilly and Benjamin Joffe
Jacob Joffee
Lydia R. and David R. Johnson
Susan Johnson
Mildred Jonas
Stanislaw P. Jonas
Tracy Broida Jones and Barry Jones
Debra B. Jones and Webster N. Jones, III
Eileen Flank Jones and John Jones
James H. Jones
Lori and David Jonesi
Rhona and Irwin Jordan
Martha Jortner
Annabelle S. and Jay N. Joseph
Charlotte Joseph
Debby Joseph
Gail and Justin Joseph
Ina and Michael G. Joseph
Toby B. and James G. Joseph
Joan and Ben Joseph
Jon A. Joseph
Joyce and Arthur H. Joseph
Carol S. and Paul Joseph
Sheila and Robert Josephberg
Babette Josephs
Sibyl R. Josephson
Simone and Mark S. Jowell
Diane Jubelier-Light and Les Light
Arthur Juceam
Henriette G. and Isidor Juda
Ken Juip
Rima Julien
Abigail Jungreis
Veronica E. Jurgens
Janis and Carl Jurnovoy
Frances and Richard Juro
Betty and Orrin Kabaker
Allan M. Kabel
Clara and Mike Kacyn
Shirley J. and Paul E. Kadden
Alan M. Kadin
Estine Kadis
Suellen and Lawrence M. Kadis
Simon Kadis
Enid and Alan Kadish
Shelley H. and Jeffrey Kadish
Miriam Kagan
Gloria Kagasoff
Paul S. Kagin
Joanne and David Kahalas
Barbara T. and James Kahan
Gloria D. and David D. Kahan
Ellen and Stewart Kahan
Ilene and Douglas M. Kahan
Robert Kahan
Sue J. Kahan
Rita Kahane
Jack J. Kahgan
Celia E. and James D. Kahn
Elaine F. and Harry Kahn
Elaine and David J. Kahn
Helen M. and Morton Kahn
Hannah and Joel Kahn
Joyce Kahn
Kathy and Edward L. Kahn
Denise and Lawrence J. Kahn
Linda J. Kahn
Lois K. and Sheldon Kahn
Lori M. and Mitchell P. Kahn
Judy and Mark Steven Kahn
Nelly M. Kahn
Irma B. and Samuel G. Kahn
Sherryl and Arnold Kahn
Stanley David Kahn
Walter Kahn
Wendy and Daniel Kahn
Nancy Kahn-Rosenthal
Ilse E. Kaim
Faye and Ernest Kaiman
Judith and Dr. Charles F. Kaiser
Harvey Kaiser
Judith Kaiser
Loren Krongold Kaiserman and David Kaiserman
Evelyn F. Kaitz
Joan and Marty Kalb
Freda Kale
Lorraine and Paul C. Kales
Doree Kalfen
Rose Kalich
Bette and Dr. Nathan Kalichman
Carrie Kallick
Ellen W. Kalick
Sara Kalina
Sheila and Irwin Kalina
Sylvia D. and Morris Kalinsky
Jo Ann and Monte Kalman
Sharon A. and Dr. Thomas L. Kalniz
Sandy Kaltman and John Isidor
Edna Kattan Kamara and Samir Kamara
Elinor W. and Joseph Kamen
Beth and Ira Kamensky
Jane and Joel Kamer
Corrinne P. and Martin L. Kamerow
Marlene and Josef Kamienny
Jill J. Kamin
Lola and Melvin Kamins
Ruth and Albert Kaminsky
Carol Kaminsky
Charlotte and Elliott Kaminsky
Loretta A. Kaminsky
Mildred and Bernard Kaminsky
Nancy Kaminsky
Elisabeth and Robert Kaminsky
Marjorie B. and Max M. Kampelman
Nora and Daniel M. Kan
Lynne B. Kandall
Edward Kandel
Bernice M. and Joseph Kane
Hilda Kane
Judith L. and Donne Kane
Marilyn Kane
Sonia and Norman Kanefsky
Ann and Barry Kanes
Sandra and Ronald A. Kanfer
The Kangesser Foundation
Margret Kanner
Mildred and David Kanowitz
Allyn and Neal Kanowsky
Anita Kanter
Carole and Calvin D. Kanter
Ettalea E. Kanter
Debra S. and Dr. Laurence Kanter
Linda Ann and Mark R. Kanter
Linde Kanter
Roberta Kanter
Ruth Kanter
Florence T. and Sheldon Kantor
Nancy L. and Mitchell A. Kantor
Paul Kantor
Ray Kantor
Susan Kantrow
Myra L. and Marvin E. Kanze
Soneet Kapila
Adele Kaplan
Andrew Kaplan
Deanne and Arnold Kaplan
Jane O. and Arthur R. Kaplan
Barbara J. Kaplan
Barbara M. and Todd M. Kaplan
Bonnie and Robert A. Kaplan
Carole M. and Edward Kaplan
Cheryl and Allen Kaplan
Claire R. and Alvin Kaplan
Marcia L. and Donald M. Kaplan
Dorene and Ronald Kaplan
Eileen and Marvin Kaplan
Eleanor R. and Bernard S. Kaplan
Ellane S. Kaplan
Esther Kaplan
Eunice and Solomon Kaplan
Gale Kaplan
Gladys F. and Doanald L. Kaplan
Harriette Kaplan
Naomi and Dr. Harvey T. Kaplan
Leah and Herbert M. Kaplan
James Kaplan
Joy and Jerry Kaplan
Joan Kaplan
Karen Stone Kaplan and Matthew Kaplan
Lee M. Kaplan
Barbara Lee and Leo Kaplan
Lucille A. and Benjamin Kaplan
Marcia Kaplan
Marilyn B. Kaplan
Michael Kaplan
Nancy F. and Michael M. Kaplan
Gloria F. and Dr. Michael Kaplan
Milton M. Kaplan
Miriam C. and Jack Kaplan
Noah Kaplan
Reine and Herbert H. Kaplan
Roberta and Max Kaplan
Ruth E. and Gerald W. Kaplan
Leslie A. and Samuel G. Kaplan
Harriet L. and Seymour Kaplan
Shirlee J. and Joel Kaplan
Soryl and Albert Kaplan
Susan and Elchanan Kaplan
Susan and Robert Kaplan
Susan L. Kaplan
Susan Kaplan
Sylvia Kaplan
Shari A. Kaplan-Paler and Ronald M. Paler
Sharon Kaplowitz-Paden
Marlene Kapolka
Ruth M. and Irving Kapp
Nanette Karadas
Cheryl P. and Neil M. Karadbil
Judith Karasik
Paula Karasik
Joseph Karcinell
Brian Kardon
Nancy and James C. Kardon
Miriam Kardonick
Charles J. Karesh
Evelyn and Max Karetny
Helene and Herbert Karger
Michael Karhanek
Nilza and Karl Karl
Betty and Henry Karlin
Elaine B. and Mark H. Karlin
Terri L. and Edward J. Karlin
Francene and Gideon M. Karliner
Helen F. Karlsberg
Risa G. and Michael Karmelin
Linda J. and Mark Karno
Bunnie J. and Theodore Karoff
Betsy and Edward H. Karotkin
Susan Rosenthal-Karp and George Karp
Mildred M. Karp
Muriel G. and Irving Karp
Nancy S. Karp
Rhoda and Joel Karpay
Beverly R. and Henry L. Karpf
Ruth Karp-Hirtz and Irwin Hirtz
Selma and Norman Karr
Rose Karr
Marcia and Sol Karsch
Ellen and Henry Karsh
Arlene and Robert Karush
Judith and Oscar Kas
Meg and Jeff Kasch
Barbara R. and Reese Kase
Leona K. and Robert S. Kash
Dr. Linda Mathias Kaskel and Bruce Kaskel
Gloria C. and Howard J. Kaslow
Anne Kaslowsky
Josephine and Norman H. Kass
Norma and Melvin Kassan
Sheila Kasselman
Isabelle Kassenick
Sandy and William Kassimir
Freida Kassin
Yael and Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla
Shari M. and Steven J. Kasten
Gail Kastenholz
Rosthema and Paul J. Kastin
Howard Kastner
Miriam Kastner
Aline Katalan
Frances M. and Marvin D. Kates
Jill and Jory Katlin
Suzi and Andrew Katlin
Bernard Kattan
Thelma and Irving Katuna
The Eric and Randi Katz Charitable Gift Fund
Martha B. Katz Hyman and Tsvi Hyman
Adrianne Katz
Arlene and Lee N. Katz
Barbara Katz
Dr. Beverley J. Katz
Carolyn and Norman Katz
Claire and Meyer Katz
Jill and David Katz
Diane C. Katz
Diane Katz
Edith Katz
Ellen Pam Katz
Kerri P. and Erez M. Katz
Felicia H. and David Katz
Fern and Joseph Katz
Florence A. Katz
Floretta and Louis Katz
Francine H. and B. Marshall Katz
Sandra L. and Dr. Gerald Katz
Harriet and Dr. Bernard Katz
Helene and Ronald Katz
Irma L. and Jack Katz
Safra and Isidore Katz
Jean Katz
Malca and Jerome M. Katz
Kane and Joel A. Katz
Lawrence G. Katz
Leon Katz
Linda and Menachem Katz
Shirley and Mandel Katz
Mavis and Fred Katz
Muriel E. and Morris J. Katz
Nancy C. and Warren M. Katz
Naomi and Norman Katz
Pauline and Norman H. Katz
Pauline E. Katz
Phyllis and Marshall Feigin
Roberta A. and Dr. Eugene Katz
Rona and Joseph Katz
Ronald Katz
Rosamond Katz
Shirlee and Herb Katz
Sondra Gay Katz and Sherman M. Katz
Stephen R. Katz
Lauren Freidus Katz and Steven M. Katz
Sylvan Katz
Zipora and Herbert Katz
Bruce Katzen
Trude and Walter Katzenstein
Anne and Dr. Gerald Katzman
Eleanor Katzman-Friedlander
Miriam Kauderer
Sylvia W. and Alexander Kauders
Mickie Kauff
Sylvia and Samuel Kauffman
Adam S. Kaufman
Sue Ellen and Alan J. Kaufman
Ann Kaufman
Anna Kaufman
Annette and Gene B. Kaufman
Arlene Kaufman
Judy and David Kaufman
David Kaufman
Dianne Kaufman
Elaine S. and Dr. Harold A. Kaufman
Estelle T. Kaufman
Frances D. and Mark F. Kaufman
Frank A. Kaufman
George S. Kaufman
Lucy and Herbert Kaufman
Joan F. Kaufman
Judy and Barton Kaufman
Julian Kaufman
Leibert Kaufman
Leslie G. and Elliot Kaufman
Lois R. and Stephen L. Kaufman
Margaret G. and William B. Kaufman
Perla Kaufman
Renee E. and Leo Kaufman
Roberta A. and Stuart Kaufman
Roslyn and Jerome Kaufman
Roy S. Kaufman and Cindy Derrow
Ruth and Dale Kaufman
Selma L. Tolins Kaufman
Sondra and Stanley M. Kaufman
Lisabeth M. and Stephen E. Kaufman
Margye L. and Walter S. Kaufman
Lili and Dr. Barry Kaufmann
Sharon and Kenneth J. Kaufmann
Stephanie and Abe Kaufstein
Jonathan Kavian
Angela Kay
Carol R. Kay
Jean and Marvin Kay
Dr. Robert E. Kay
Carol and Sheldon Kaye
Ellen Mae and Elliott Kaye
Terri and Joseph Kaye
Kathy Kaye
Marilyn and Irvin Kaye
Michele M. and Lawrence Kaye
Tobye D. and Dr. Ronald Kaye
Joann and Dr. Mark Kaylin
Adele G. and Isadore Kayne
Frances R. and Stanley Kazan
Howard Kazer and Frances Schonbrun-Kazer
Earle W. Kazis Associates Inc
Bonnie S. and Peter Keenan
Clemy S. and Robert Keidan
Lynn C. Keidan-Segel and Lenny Segel
Joan Kekst
Jean D. and Melvin W. Keleman
Margaret and Dr. Maximilian Kelin
Doris Jean Keller
Julia and Rudolph Keller
Gregory A. Kelly
Carol Kelner
Karen Kelrick
Joyce A. Kelz
Lois and W. Robert Kemp
Andrea C. Kempf
Karen S. Kempler
Andi S. and Thomas J. Kenney
Amanda Kent
Lisa Kent
Susan and Norman Kent
Kenwal Steel Company
Harriet and Lawrence Kepes
Linda K. Kerber
Linda R. Kerbs
Jacklin and Farough Kerendi
Ethel Kerievsky
Thea Kerman
Rita and Ronald Kern
Betsy Kerner
Fredda Kerner
Shirley and Scott Kerniss
Sylvia R. and Michael J. Kerpel
Marcia B. and Edward S. Kersch
Sheila Kert
Joy and Dr. Ronald Kertes
Barb and W. John Kerwin
Drs. Barbara and Michael G. Kesler
Michele K. and Herbert L. Kesner
Brenda Gail Kessel and Joel Zane Kessel
Loretta and Jerome Kessel
Steven P. Kesselman
Kay Zedd Kesser and M. Barron Kesser
Lynne Kessler Lechter and Abelardo Lechter
Anita R. Kessler
Anne and Herbert Kessler
Barbara and Martin Kessler
Barrie Kessler
Elise Kessler
Guta Kessler
Melody and Edward Kessler
Randal Kessler
Sheila and Jerome Kessler
Thelma Kessler
Tamara and William B. Kessler
Rachel C. Kess-Moss and David S. Moss
The Kest Family
Hilda and Arthur S. Kesten
Joan B. Keston and Hugh Grindstaff
Lorna and Jack Kettler
Hilary and David L. Kettner
Mireille Key
Carol and Stanley Khaner
Niloufar and Dr. Moiez Khankhanian
Albertine Khazzam
Angelle Khedouri
Mehry and Nasratolla Khorrami
Carolyn A. and Aaron Kianofsky
Florene Kibbler
Cyrile and Stephen Kieffer
Boris Kievsky
Doris Kiken
Michael Kiken
Violet Kimiabakhsh
William Kimmerle
Deborah F. and Douglas W. King
Hilary and Edan King
Norman King
Jean and Richard M. King
Sherry Kinland-Kaswell and Stuart J. Kaswell
Terry Kinney
Sylvia and Wallace Kinzer
Pearl B. and Robert Kipnees
Linda and Kenneth A. Kipnes
Judith Kipnis
Ellen and Robert Kircher
Elizabeth A. and William A. Kirchner
Danielle Kirk
Clarice Kirsch
Zita and Donald Kirsch
Joanna Kirschbaum
Shirley Kirschbaum
Leonard Kirschen
Rhoda Kirschenbaum
Lila Kirschman
Carole and Sidney Kirschner
Suzanne Kirschner
Andrew Kirsh
Edna G. and Gerald S. Kirshenbaum
Shelley A. Kirshenbaum
Annette Kirshner
Florence and Nathan Kirshner
Ruth S. and Eugene Kirshner
Shirley W. Kirshner
Mary L. and Louis Kirshtein
Lynne and Raymond Kirsner
Jo Ann and Jerome Kirstein
Paul Kish
Neil S. Kishter
Michael Kislin
Arthur Kiss
Dr. Milton N. Kitei
Marlene and Sanford Kitrosser
Elaine S. and Neal I. Kitt
Ruth A. Kiver
Julie Klahr
Phyllis Klain
Ruth Klain
Judith E. Klapan
Rhoda Klarsfeld
Leona R. and Roy Klaskin
Esta Klatzkin
Helen Klebanoff
Jodi C. and Jay Klebanoff
Dr. Robert E. Kleiger
Joy L. and Daniel Kleiman
Molly Kleiman
Michelle B. and Robert B. Kleiman
Aline and Robert E. Klein
Andra Klein
Annabel R. Klein
Carol and Benson Klein
Bertha M. Klein
Carole and Barry Klein
Eva Laurie Klein and Richard I. Klein
Lorraine J. and Gerard J. Klein
Henrietta C. and Jack Klein
Joni and Howard S. Klein
Judy and Larry Klein
Lenore and Donald Klein
Loretta and Leonard Klein
Linda G. Klein
Lyn and Daniel Klein
Marilyn and Judah Klein
Marion and Louis Klein
Mark Klein
Rosalyn and Morton Klein
Muriel Klein
Norma and Max Klein
Ellen R. and Richard D. Klein
Roberta and Jonathan Klein
Ruth Ann and Eugene Klein
Samuel S. Klein
Sheila and Alex Klein
Suzanne Klein
Wendy and James A. Klein
Miriam Kleinberg
Rosalie Kleinberg
Shirley Breite Kleinberg
Herman Kleine
Eunice and Kenneth Kleinfeld
Allan D. Kleinman
Katherine H. and Hyman F. Kleinman
Debbie and Ken Kleinman
Rose Kleinman
Sue A. Klein-Nemore and Robert E. Nemore
Brenda and Marvin Klemow
Laurie Tevlin Klemow and Robert Klemow
Sue Klepack
Gesela Klepper
E. Kletter
Matilda and Irving Kletter
Marcia C. Kligerman
Carol Kline Rosenberg
Gail Kline
Joan Jolles Kline
Judith and Milton Kline
Leslie and Lawrence P. Kline
Clare Klinger
Geri Klinger
Rita E. Klinsky
Esther Walder Klionsky and Dr. Bernard Klionsky
Alexandria Loew Klodell and Alan Klodell
Robert and Stephen Kloper
Lila F. and Seymour Klorman
Naomi D. Klotz
Beatrice S. and Harry Klug
Alan Klugman
Janice and Al Klugman
Marian E. and Ruben Klugman
Orly and Alan Klugman
Arlene M. and Dr. Leonard G. Knell
Paula and Al Knobler
Jacqueline B. and Dr. Laurence Knoll
Norman Knopf
Maria Knopow
Maxine and N. Herschel Koblenz
Estelle T. and Edward L. Koblitz
Eugene M. Grant & Co.
Bernard Kobroff, Esq
Florence and Martin Koby
Lynda and Robert Koby
Sally B. and Steven E. Kocen
Marcia Koehler
Eli Koenig
Helene P. and Howard Koenig
Beverly R. and John J. Koenigsberg
Dr. Marvin L. Kofender
Sheila Koff
Deena D. and Jerry L. Koffler
Edward L. Koffler
Barbara S. and Fred Koffler
Ida and Arthur Kofsky
Elaine and Melvin Kofsky
Karen Wolf Kofsky and Robert E. Kofsky
Rosalie and Alan Kogan
Claudia and Morry Kogan
Renee and Willam Kogan
Susan and Theodore Kohan
Benedict M. Kohl
Alice N. and Robert A. Kohn
Frances and Max Kohn
Franciene and Arnold Kohn
Sunny and Harry Kohn
Irene Kohn
Jami and Lawrence Kohn
Vicki and Kenneth H. Kohn
Sherryl and Howard Kohr
Margery S. and S. Lee Kohrman
Brenda M. and Jacqui Kolar
Carolyn K. and Herbert A. Kolben
Janet B. Kolender
Joy L. Koletsky
Robin Kollin
Stephen A. Kollins, M.D.
Ealine T. Kolodny
Susan and Erwin Kolodny
Kandee B. and Isaac Kolpak
Jane and Michael Komar
Lori Komisar and Morris Silverman
Lily and Peter K. Kompaniez
Jacqueline S. and Mitchell A. Kon
Betty Lou Konell
Ronnie Jane and Stephen Konikoff
Doris and Simon Konover
Zieva L. and Mark W. Konvisser
Eydie and Steve Koonin
Bonnie l. and Dr. Burton P. Koonsvitsky
Estelle and Henry E. Koopman
Eileen and Jack Kopec
Jody and Michael D. Kopelman
Judy and Paul Kopelman
Ruth L. Kopelman
Elizabeth Shapiro Kopin and Benjamin E. Kopin
Gilda and Mark Kopitz
Martha Koplin
Lane B. Koplon
Norman Koplon
Beatrice and Daniel I. Koplowitz
Frank Koplowitz
Eleanore and George Kopp
Jennifer and Randy Korach
Mark A. Koral, Esq.
Miriam and Mitchell Korder
Carol and David Korengold
Eva and Shay Korentayer
Jeanine Korer
Miriam Korish
Iris and Louis Korman
Audrey Korn
Shari and Gary Korn
Mimi D. and Stuart Korn
Betty and Bertram Kornberg
Eileen and George Kornberger
Beatrice Kornblatt
Susan F. and Dr. Irwin Kornbluth
Maurine E. Kornfeld
Doris and Norman Kornreich
Faye and Sol Kornstein
Marsha M. and Alvin J. Korobkin
Linda T. and Melvyn T. Korobkin
Bonnie J. Koroff and Steve Uslan
Ilse Korona
Kenneth M. Korotkin
Debra and Terry Korth
Ellen and Robert Korval
Kathy and Ronald Kory
Harry Kosansky
Doris and Milton Kossy
Joyce and Irving Kossy
Eva Lynn Koster
Robert Koster
Miriam Kotzin
Harriet and Michael A. Kovacs
Olga Kovacs
Hana and Dr. Peter Kovanic
Ellen J. and Stuart C. Kovar
Ila S. and Jeffery G. Kovarsky
Bernice C. and Colonel Maxim I. Kovel
Gertrude and Michael Kowal
Dorothy and Abel Kowalsky
Iris Kozak
Kenneth Kozloff
Carol and Robert Kozlow
Elaine Billie Kozolchyk and Boris Kozolchyk
John Kozyak
Sandra Kraden
Frances Goodman Kraemer and Michael A. Kraemer
Ruth J. and Jay Kraemer
Jonathan Kraft
Shirley and Irvin A. Kraft
Frances L. and Wayne R. Kraft
Hannah and Ralph Krakauer
Judith A. Krakow
Mildred Kramar
Audrey and Dr. Maurees Kramer
Cynthia W. and Philip Kramer
Dr. Diane and Edward Kramer
Eileen and Bernard L. Kramer
Helga Kramer
Linda and Ian Kramer
Joyce Kramer
Judy and Lewis Kramer
Marlene and Stephen Kramer
Patti and Alan B. Kramer
Reva-Belle Kramer and Dr. Louis B. Kramer
Sheila R. Kramer
Betty Mae and Sidney Kramer
Susan Kramer
Sylvia and Harold Kramer
Terri L. and Wayne B. Kramer
Peggy G. and Jay S. Kranitz
Harriet and Kenneth Kranz
Lillian and David Krapin
Marjorie and William Krasnick
Frances Krasnow and Seth Pines
D. Michael Kratchman
Danielle Kraten
Mary J. and Albert Kraus
Corinne Krause
Toby and Steven Krause
Matilda Krauss
Jean L. and Dr. Benjamin Kraut
Anne and Harvey Krautman
Carl Kravetz
Elaine D. and Milton Kravitz
Estelle D. Kravitz
Marcia and Harley Kravitz
Barbara and Herb Kravitz
Doris and Jerry Kravitz
Judith E. Kravitz
Marilyn Kravitz
Sandy and Gary Kravitz
Shirley Kravitz
Shirley R. Kravitz
Nancy D. Krawitz
Florence and Norman Kreeberg
Emily J. and Brian M. Kreindler
Julius Kreindler
Stanley Kreinik
Marilyn and Irving Kreisberg
Dorothy Kreiselman
Shelley Kreiter-Solow and Sheldon Solow
Adrienne and Alexander Kreizer
Suzanne and Donald Krell
Ruth S. Kremen
Anna and Michael Kremer
Jack Kremnitzer
Carol and George D. Krempley
Ruth Krems
Shirley and Malcolm M. Kreske
Kathryn Kretschmer-Weyland
Alisa and Ernest R. Kretzmer
Karen Kreutner
Joan D. and Robert A. Kriegel
Ellen and Harry Krieger
Joan S. Krieger
Sally Baker Krieger and Stewart Krieger
Adrienne and Jeffrey Kriezelman
Marianne M. and Alfred Kriman
Joan and Jordan Krimstein
Barbara L. Krinsky
Eunice and Barnet Krinsky
Samuel Krinsky and Florence Spotkov
Alan Krinzman
Derril K. Kripke
Tova and Mark B. Kristal
Melody B. Kriteman
Sondra and Barney Krochek
Dr. Albert Krochmal
Frances and Donald Krohn
Michelle Kroll
Susan D. Kromelow and William Spiro
Shirley Lieber Kronemer and Norton S. Kronemer
Evelyn L. Kronen-Pomer and Jerome Pomer
Jane and Herbert Krongold
Judith S. and Allen B. Kronick
Lawrence Kronick
Allen R. Kronstadt
Diane and Norm Kronstadt
Marlene L. Kroot
Edward Krosberg
Esther Joy Krotinger
Marilyn Krueger
Ilene Kruger
Jeremy Kruger
Karin L. Kruger
Louise W. and Leon Kruk
Erica Krull
Harriet N. and Julius E. Kruman
Lynda S. and Jeffrey S. Kruman
Amy M. and Nathaniel Krumbein
Rita P. and Dr. Martin S. Krumerman
Stuart K. Krupkin
Diane Krupnick
Lucille H. and Albert Krupnick
Ellen and Jeffrey L. Krupp
Charles Kryksman
Colleen and Ed Kubek
Sylvia Kudan
Thelma and Morton Kugel
Linda and Martin Kugler
Helen J. Kuhl
Gail and Dr. Kerry Kuhn
Sylvia Donnenfeld Kuhr
Masahiro Kuiwata
Edward Kujawski
David Kukafka
Elizabeth Kulakofsky
Meredith and Jason Kule
Leonard Kulick and Razal Robbins
Alice B. and Lewis H. Kuller
Fred Kumetz
Anna and Joseph Kuniansky
Davee Kuniansky
Debbie and Douglas S. Kuniansky
Mardi and Mark Kunik
Ella and Donald Kunins
Miriam and Howard Kunofsky
Dorothy and Herbert Kunstadt
Raoul Kunstadt
Ruby E. and George S. Kuntz
Paul Kunz
Mario Kuperminc
Julie and Dr. Arthur Kupersmith
Colette and Paul D. Kuperstein
Ruth and Michael C. Kupfer
Sylvia E. and Robert A. Kupferman
Joseph Kupferschmidt
Roza and Aron Kuppermann
Anita and Dr. Aaron Kuptsow
Anita and Dr. Aaron Kuptsow
Arlene R. and Marvin M. Kurfurst
Dr. Jay D. Kuris
Alan Kurland
Shirlee and Leonard Kurland
Steven H. Kurland and Sandra B. Erlanger
Carol and Larry Kurnentz
Rita B. and Arthur J. Kurtz
Carey and William C. Kurtz
Linda M. and Allen L. Kurtz
Rabbi Vernon Kurtz
Charlotte and Theodore Kurtzman
Anne Kurz
Florine L. Kusel
Miriam and Goel Kushanian
Shelley and Dr. Stuart W. Kushel
Audree and Mark Kusher
Florence Kusher
Hannah and Edward Kushner
Lila and Louis Kushner
Arlene and Martin Kushner
Nancy and Robert Kushner
Pearl and Irving Kushner
Michele Kusma
Dorothy R. Kutash
Morris L. Kutcher
Sally Kutner
Trude Kutner
Bertha and Irving L. Kutoff
Robert A. Kutzen
Barbara Kux
Charlotte Kuzins
Sheila Kuznick
Aurelia and Nathan Kvetny


This list is effective as of  December 31, 2010, and includes early renewal.

If you are not listed and believe that you qualify as an ORT Visionary, please contact ORT America’s Special Events Department at  If you aren't an ORT Visionary and would like to become one, you can do so by donating here.